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Object Matrix

  • Portfolio Company: Object Matrix
  • Date of Initial Investment: 30 March 2007
  • Round of Financing: First Round
  • Sector: Digital data storage and archiving software
  • SWVF Role: Sole Investor

Object Matrix from Woolaston in Gloucestershire, which specialises in data storage software.

Object Matrix has also established a close working relationship with Apple Computers Inc, the fastest growing hardware business in the data storage market. Object Matrix is currently the only disk based storage software of its type that takes advantage of the power and price benefits offered by the Apple Xserve platform. Expansion into worldwide markets is likely to have a substantial impact on sales as, in part, Object Matrix will take advantage of its ability to combine its software with Apple’s software packages. Apple is recognised as an industry leader in data storage rich-media markets such as broadcasting, film editing, design and print.

Object Matrix has spent the last three years developing MatrixStore, a software solution that combines with non-proprietary hardware - from manufacturers such as Apple, HP and IBM - to provide a powerful data storage archive that can search, protect and retrieve data quickly and efficiently. MatrixStore reduces management costs arising from archiving large amounts data to tape by automating manual process that are currently both costly and error-prone.

It is particularly suitable for reference data that does not require updating or editing but which is required to be online and available on-demand thus enabling editors or researchers to get the data to their desks instantly. Putting an enterprises digital heritage online also provides a means of generating new revenue streams thus providing real benefits in both company productivity and profitability. MatrixStore is ideal for storing film clips, images, audio clips and scientific data. Key market sectors include, therefore, broadcast and production, design and print plus science and research.

Website: www.object-martix.com

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